Anita’s Bio

Anita is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level thru Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and Certified by Integrative Yoga Therapy as a E-RYT500 and as a C-IAYT 1000 with The International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has taken certified classes for teaching Adaptive Yoga to those with MS, Heart Disease and Cancer. Is a certified Kripalu DansKinetics® Teacher (Yoga Dance) and has completed training’s in iRest® for working with those who have PTSD, insomnia, stress and anxiety inherent in our modern lifestyles. She continues to deepen her practice and teaching by exploring Somatics, Positional Therapy and other types of Yoga such as Bikram and Iyengar.

Recovery from emergency surgery brought Anita to Yoga as a means to heal body, mind and spirit. Through this process Anita became aware of an absence of deep joy in her life although the outside appearance was that all was good. She found herself wondering when the disease of adulthood and rational thinking took over 100% and questioned if this was how life should be lived. After some contemplation the response was a big NO. Through her Yoga practice as a student and teaching, she hopes to open others to embrace themselves as the unique individuals that they are. Yoga has changed my life, my mind and body…It’s this awareness that I invite you to explore…to welcome you back to yourself.

Anita’s classes are for everyone and everyBody and welcomes students with physical challenges and those who would like to challenge their preconceived notions of what they can or cannot do. Props and modifications are used as needed. She likes to share her belief that the physical body is meant to be active in order to maintain optimal  health and that Yoga can be used as a tool to soften the aging process and aid in recovery from injury both physical and emotional. The intentions within her classes are to share her knowledge of joyous and guided mindful movement while supporting others in connecting to and rekindling the joy within. Along the way we will find strength, stability and increasing flexibility both mind and body.

Most physical trauma has an emotional component, whether that emotion is present at the time of injury or it develops as a result of the injury, same hold true for emotions that are repressed which may show up as physical aliments. The practice of Yoga can reawaken us to old patterns of movement or standing/sitting which may cause additional discomfort, as well as “emotional” holding…allowing one to reengage with these feelings and emotions that are present, welcome them as messengers and process thru them. Enabling all  to be an active participant in maintaining health and as an aid in recovering from health or emotional challenges…..building a sense of well being and resiliency and to not let an entire life time go by feeling trapped by circumstance and be defined from negative things of the past. Join me in a class or for a private session from my Heart to Yours.

Welcome to your mat and pratice …..Breathe – Live – Laugh & Love

She has taken numerous workshops to broaden her understanding and deepen her knowledge of Yoga both body and mind, with many teachers who continue to inspire and guide thru their teachings:

Ellen Schaeffer: with whom I received my guidance and inspiration to begin my journey for certification thru Integrative Yoga Therapys 200 hour program

Richard Miller: Integrative Restoration Institute – iRest® Levels One and Two

Joseph Le Page: 500 hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certification thru Integrative Yoga Therapy – Modules One, Two and Three completed

Nischala Joy Devi: Yoga of the Heart® Cardiac and Cancer certification. Adapting Yoga for Heart Disease, Cancer and other Life Threatening Diseases

Angela Farmer: Creative guidance to open into a process of “undoing” rather than “doing” Yoga….inviting an inner dialog with the body, opening into the feminine energies of Yoga

Judith Hanson Lasater: Shoulder Anatomy and movement. Exploring Restorative Yoga and grounding ones poses

Paul Grilley: Anatomy within Yoga- exploration of The Bones and Movement, understanding tension vs compression. Yin Yoga uses and movement, developing an awareness of how it differs from Hatha Yoga.

Megha Nancy Buttenheim: Kripalu DansKinetics – Let your Yoga Dance® music from around the world combined with Yoga and Dance – using guided and free form movement ….we are all dancers, close your eyes, listen , breathe and move…releasing and opening into expressions of oneself

Gabrielle Roth: 5 Rhythms and exploration of movement within using Dance and expressive Body movement – “per Gabrielle – energy moves in waves, waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms – A human being is simply that, energy, waves, patterns and rhythms” a Dance to explore