Yoga Therapy and Integrated Positional Therapy with Anita Bevans C-IAYT

An Integrated Health and Wellness option at One Yoga Center in Foster RI and A Touch of Light Yoga and Massage in Pascoag, RI

Yoga Therapy continues to be recognized within the medical professions as a powerful modality for healing that is complementary to other traditional healing practices such as physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy as well as an aid in healing and recovering from cancer and/or surgery. Yoga Therapy can teach and support the client/student to maintain the healing work that they and their care provider perform together.

Yoga Therapy offered is based upon Integrative Yoga Therapy as a healing art that is student centered to empower individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga. Other modalities which may be included are iRest Yoga Nidra, Somatics, Positional Therapy and Restorative Yoga. The focus is on wellness and therapeutic Yoga practices that are based on your needs and goals promoting and creating your journey to increased health, healing and well being by realigning and revitalizing both mind and body.

From the Yogic perspective, self-knowledge is health in the most complete sense. As it focuses on healing at all levels of the person – physical, energetic, psycho-emotional and spiritual. It is a modality that can be tailored within groups or individual needs with specific health challenges such as musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, post surgery healing and many more. All Yoga is considered Therapeutic but Yoga Therapy is Yoga with a specific focus on health and healing centered on the individual or group. This may include hands on support for reawakening alignment, postural exercises and a personalized therapeutic sequence to work with at home.

Yoga Therapy recognizes that the healing journey is unique to each individual and so selects, adopts and modifies all practices that are beneficial  for the individual and/or group in respect to age, culture and specific physical challenges. It is recognized that relief of symptoms is just one facet of the healing process and Yoga Therapy is based on providing a broader methodology to heal lives, reduce pain and stress and to relieve physical symptoms and psychological suffering by releasing negative emotions and thought patterns.

Each session or program is tailored for individual needs such as musculoskeletal issues, post-surgery healing, pain, areas of weakness and muscle groups that may require either stretching or relaxing. This is about the whole person, we take into account that back pain (or other) may be related to an emotional element,  lifestyle or pattern in life that is not serving, or even a physical movement pattern that we have lost awareness of. The latest discoveries in neuroscience are that we hold memories, emotions and experiences deep within the tissues of the body which are also written into our nervous system which is why we can facilitate mental and emotional releases thru releasing deeply held tension within our bodies musculature system and the supporting fascia. See more of What is Yoga Therapy on my Link to the page on the right bar under Site Navigation.

What are the benifits of Therapeudic Yoga?

Research has shown that Yoga and iRest effectively reduce:

*PTSD                    *Insomnia          *Back Pain/Sciatic        *Chronic Pain

*Anxiety                 *Arthritis           *Stress                              *Grief and Loss

*Depression.         *Breathing Difficulties

and increases:

*Range of Motion           *Balance and Stability         *Muscle Strength and Tone

Who should practice Therapeutic Yoga?

EveryBody can benefit from the practice of Therapeutic Yoga by enabling us to be an active participant in maintaining our health, giving us more resistance to injury and as an aid in recovering from health challenges…build a sense of well being and resiliency along your personal journey of Life and Health goals.

Call now to schedule your own personal appointment or join me for a Group or Private Yoga,  iRest/Yoga Nidra Meditation class or a personal session of Integrated Positional Therapy at 401 578.4162


Yoga Therapy, iRest or Yoga Personal Sessions

Yoga Private One Session $75.00

Yoga Therapy/Integrated Positional Therapy $45.00


Each Private session is 75 to 90 minutes, booked in advance at a time and day convenient to each client. To book your private session e mail or call at 401 578-4162.

Ongoing private sessions are designed to suit individual needs and then refined as the sessions progress. Anita is experienced in dealing with injuries and healing from surgery and offers innovative ways to enable private clients to continue to heal and practice Yoga by creating a safe and secure learning environment. For those with anxiety, insomnia or depression a private session of iRest combined with Restorative Yoga may be a new beginning.

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